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Residents of White Rock deserve and want a high quality of life and assurance that the city is moving and working for them. Promises made – promises kept.

Municipal Governance

Good governance is guided by the principles of integrity, accountability, transparency, stewardship, and leadership.

Current Situation:

  • Lack of cooperation and information flow between City Council and city staff.

  • Council’s ability to guide our city’s direction is diminished by a lack of information.


My Plan as Mayor:

  • Implement and publish department-level Annual Work Plans requiring approval by City Council.

  • Increase City Council oversight by amending existing bylaws.

  • Review and optimize business processes to improve city services.

  • Create a volunteer program for our knowledgeable and experienced seniors to assist overworked city staff.

Fiscal Responsibility

I believe municipal financial planning must include fiscal sustainability, long-term planning, asset management, service levels, revenue tools, and public engagement.

Current Situation:

  • The Annual Budget and Five-Year Financial Plans are not available for Council’s review and approval until well into the fiscal year.

  • Departmental budget details are not available.

  • Lack of transparency and subsequent Council involvement results in a reliance on city staff to suggest budget priorities and cuts.

  • Carry-over from year to year is consistently $30-$60 million.

  • Council and the public have no insight into where $30 million of our $40 million budget is being spent.


My Plan as Mayor:

  • Review and vote on the budget before the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year.

  • Include details of the previous year’s income and expenditures as well the current year’s projections in the budget.

  • Implement comprehensive departmental budgets including planning and tracking for all projects.

  • Review the need for legacy projects, i.e. on the books for some time but not started.

  • Incorporate risk assessment and cost-benefit analyses before spending public money.

Communications & Improved Efficiency at City Hall

I believe that good communication improves trust between citizens and government and moves us forward to a broader and more inclusive sense of community.

Current Situation:

  • The City of White Rock website has broken links, and outdated information and is difficult to navigate.

  • The mayor’s annual ‘State of the City’ to the business community (entry fee) differs from the free public address.

  • Council members have very limited access to city staff. Residents know more about how the city staff is meeting their needs than Council does.


My Plan as Mayor:

  • Design and implement an improved website.

  • Make the mayor’s annual ‘State of the City’ address free and open to businesses and the public at the same time.

  • Implement a monthly meeting with Council members and senior city staff to discuss challenges and improvements.

  • Assign each Councillor a portfolio to work on with appropriate city staff members.

  • Provide timely and transparent information/communications internally and externally.

  • Review and optimize business processes to improve city services.

Housing and Development

I believe people are drawn to White Rock for its unique, beautiful landscape and casual lifestyle. We must endeavour to preserve its rarity.

Current Situation:

  • White Rock is one of the top 10 highest population densities among municipalities with 5,000+ residents in Canada.

  • Land-to-build ratio is high and diminishes permeable land surfaces.

  • White Rock lacks affordable housing (“affordable” as identified in the Official Community Plan).

  • Long-term rentals are being displaced by high-end new builds. The Tenant Relocation Policy has proved to be ineffective.

  • Lack of purpose-built rentals.

  • The notion of building more to reduce the cost of housing has not worked.

  • Public Hearings are no longer mandatory.

My Plan as Mayor:

  • Curb development of high-density structures.

  • Update the land-to-build ratio in the Zoning Bylaw to curb the development of monster homes.

  • Apply the made-in-White-Rock definition of affordable housing (as per the Official Community Plan)

  • Leverage CMHC grants to renovate existing rental housing (the most affordable housing is existing housing).

  • Eliminate spot zoning.

  • Maintain Public Hearings requirements.

Environmental Protection

I believe better management of our stormwater is key to managing water resources and protecting our environment. It is critical green infrastructure.

Current Situation:

  • Stormwater systems are designed to accommodate peak flows.

  • Most stormwater discharges are not treated and flow directly into the bay.

  • Increasing upstream development increases pollutants, such as tire dust, that are washed away as stormwater.

  • Funding level for addressing environmental issues is not known.


My Plan as Mayor:

  • Support the Semiahmoo First Nation in their desire to clean the bay and restore their traditional clamming activities.

  • Reduce the discharge into the bay.

  • Approve a pilot project to build a biotrap at the end of a storm pipe as a proof-of-concept.

  • Add a budget line to address environmental issues.

  • Increase permeable surfaces by updating the Zoning Bylaw (no more “monster homes”).

  • Make it easier to add a second storey or add extra space to an existing home. This will save a few trees and put less garbage into landfills.

The Business Community

Local businesses create an atmosphere in a city. White Rock is fortunate to have a thriving business community with many professional offices, charming shops, exceptional restaurants, and entertainment.

Current Situation:

  • Difficult to do business in White Rock.

  • No metrics on how well businesses are doing; what the challenges are.


My Plan as Mayor:

  • Identify issues at City Hall and work to create a more business-friendly experience.

  • Develop metrics to measure the impact on local businesses of the Business Improvement Association (BIA) initiatives and undertakings.

  • Evaluate the current Tourism Service and Funding model to determine if it is the most effective model for supporting the development of tourism infrastructure, visitor experience, and market awareness.

  • Collaborate with the Semiahmoo First Nation to develop an authentic indigenous cultural visitor experience.

  • Update the community profile and enhance economic information on the City’s website.



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